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Join our interactive small group tours and feel fully immersed in these special places, gaining a true connection to culture. You’ll go beyond the icons, hearing the stories of this land, as your specialist SEIT Guide takes you on a unique and individual journey.

SEIT invites you to gain a connection to this land, travelling together at a personalised pace, allowing you time to discover a sense of spirit. You’ll discover the method and the art of doing, because our tours are tactile and let you take home learnings to last a lifetime.

We tell stories, connecting you to places through culture, history and nature. Our SEIT Guides are individuals, they won’t repeat back a manual or a guide book to you, we talk from the heart.

The company bases its philosophies from the key words of Spirit, Emotion, Intellect and Task (SEIT).


Venture to places less travelled, feel its spirit and awaken your own.


Encounter a journey of emotions. Cherish these unique moments, where your environment fully captivates you.


Travel to seek knowledge and understand the ways of these lands. Learn from the people, hear the stories, and understand more, with our specialist guides.


Embed yourself in culture. Embrace the art of doing, feel fully immersed and energised – imprint these experiences for life.

We tell stories worth sharing, enriching the lives of others, the world and our place within it.


Imagine a conference or incentive event in a vast remote landscape where time stands still and adventures are waiting to be experienced. Imagine your group in Central Australia… This is the world of SEIT Outback Australia. Our professional tour guides will ensure that your group has the opportunity to explore the real Red Centre rich in culture, spirituality, history, environmental quests and rich tapestry of unique experiences.

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