In the Footsteps of Ancestors: SEIT Tours’ Expedition to Mutitjulu Waterhole

In the Footsteps of Ancestors: SEIT Tours’ Expedition to Mutitjulu Waterhole

At SEIT Tours, we are more than just guides—we are a collective of passionate storytellers dedicated to sharing the awe-inspiring beauty of Australia’s natural wonders. Our mission is simple yet profound: to transport you into the heart of these magnificent landscapes through interactive and intimate tours.

We firmly believe in the deep impact of storytelling, recognising its ability to forge connections between travellers and the land they explore. With each step, each tale, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Australia’s cultural heritage, where captivating legends intertwine with the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Join us on our tours around the heart of the Red Centre, Uluru, to discover Mutitjulu Waterhole, a place of profound significance where the ancient echoes of Creation stories resonate through the red earth and towering rock formations.

As you wander the winding paths around Mutitjulu Waterhole, you are surrounded by the presence of two ancestral beings whose legendary battle shaped the very landscape we stand upon.

The journey begins with Kuniya, a formidable python woman who journeyed from the distant east to lay her eggs at Uluru’s sacred site, Kuniya Piti. Carrying her precious cargo strung around her neck like a necklace, she made her home in the shadow of the ancient rock, forming deep grooves in the stone with each step—a lasting imprint of her presence.

But tragedy struck when Kuniya’s young nephew, also a python, fell victim to the wrath of the Liru, venomous brown snakes who sought revenge for his offences. Enraged by the loss, Kuniya embarked on a quest for vengeance, her grief fueling a fusion of immense power and magic.

At Mutitjulu Waterhole, within the tranquil oasis of the desert, Kuniya confronted the Liru warrior who had mocked her grief and rage. With sand swirling around her and her wana (digging stick) in hand, she unleashed her fury, striking him down with a force that shook the very earth.

The echoes of that fateful encounter still linger in the cracks and crevices of Uluru, where Kuniya’s curved form remains etched upon the eastern wall—a testament to her strength and determination. The blows she struck are immortalised in the deep cracks of the western wall, while the fallen Liru’s shield now lies as a silent sentinel near the water’s edge.

This story stands as one of resilience, of the eternal struggle between light and darkness, played out against the backdrop of Uluru’s timeless beauty.

At SEIT Tours, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture and tradition as we explore the sacred sites of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Join us on a journey of discovery—a journey where every step is a story, and every moment is an opportunity to connect with the ancient wisdom of the land.

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